Interview with: GOPNIK MCBLYAT

“I thought its just going to be a funny name to laugh about for a week or two. And now here we are”

Gopnik McBlyat is one of the most familiar names in nowadays Hardbass scene. We invited Gopnik to play at our latest TRI poloski event in Antwerpen (Belgium). Thinking of the mystery behind the mask we thought it would be an awesome idea to interview Gopnik McBlyat.

Why do you choose to wear a mask?

"At first it was partly because I wasn't sure if I'm ever going to be successful at music so hiding my identitiy for my first project ever gave me a bit of comfort, I was sure nobody will personally judge my work. Later on I changed the mask to someghing more memorable, the one i use right now. At the moment its not only making me anonymous but also its a trademark and a part of who I am as a DJ and producer."

What kind of guy is behind the mask?

"Depend on person you ask this question really haha. Everyone will tell you a different thing probably. Personally I don't really like to talk too much about myself. But think there's a guy you could sit with, drink a beer and have a laugh. From what I noticed after talking to some of my fans, they think I'm that kind of unnatural, superhuman being and they get really nervous until I start to make a conversation with them just like i would talk to a friend. Then they start to notice I'm not that scary haha."

How did you come up with the name gopnik mcblyat?

"It was first thing that popped in my mind after making my first track (Snakes in Tracksuits). Really random, I didn't think about it too much and I thought its just going to be a funny name to laugh about for a week or two. And now here we are, years later answering the questions for an interview."

What music do you listen to besides hardbass?

"Oof where to start. I listen to pretty much everything that is energetic. There's too much to make a list here but I listen to Hardcore and its subgenres, Hardstyle, Bass House, Fidget house, Dubstep (lately), Moombahton, some Trap and many more. I like artists that mix styles. From non-electronic music i listen to Metal, Hardcore Punk, Punk and of course Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack playlist haha."

Where are you from?

"I'm from Lublin in eastern Poland"

Could you tell us something about the Hard bass scene in Poland?

"Well I'm not sure if I would call it exactly “Hardbass” scene. There are different kinds of events and crowds. Hardbass now can be heard on multistyle raves with which became really popular in last few years in Poland. Some of them focusing on rave culture in general but also some of them using the gopnik meme to promote. Although I think the main crowd for the pumping music is still in the clubs like Omen and Protector for example. Where you can hear sounds of Hardbass, Fidget house, Bass House, old Klubb Classics etc. playing whole night. Its a different kind of party and a bit different, completely non-meme vibe. So to sum this up, there are different kinds of people coming to Hardbass shows and it depends where is the event and who is organizing it. So I'm not sure if you can call it a “scene” as its not unified in any way."

What kind of sports do you like?

"I love skateboarding, even though I'm pretty bad at it. It was something I loved as a kid and I think it was only 2 years ago when I decided to get back on the board.

I also really like to watch MMA and Kickboxing but I'm not training any fighting sports anymore."

Did you have any education?

"Yes, I finished a degree in National Security. I was planning a career in that field but somewhere along the road to achieving it I doubted if its really worth it. Then I decided to look for the alternative, thats how i found music."

What do you do for a living?

"Wearing a tracksuit, creating music, playing shows, organising shows, wearing a mask, livestreaming, ocasionally partying till the morning"

“By creating many different styles you get the diversity of sound so every listener can find something for himself in Hardbass music.”

What is your opinion about the meme around Hard bass?

"Its definately good for the recognition of this music. Nobody can deny that. I've seen a lot of critique from many producers but I think this meme vs anti-meme thing is not needed here. Just like in other music styles, “serious” content can coexist and even benefit from the popularity of something more mainstream or lets say “meme” related. The most important thing is to make sure all the content creators and producers are delivering quality stuff either its meme or not. By creating many different styles you get the diversity of sound so every listener can find something for himself in Hardbass music. Some complaints showed up that the meme is not showing what Hardbass really is. I can agree with that but its our job now to educate the crowd about this music by making content. You want to show people history of Hardbass? Just record a video and make a track about it."

What got you in to Hardbass?

"I was listening to Hardbass already when i was 15-16. The first songs i heard were the old tracks of DJ Snat, XS Project and Hard Bass School a bit later. I always liked this sound a lot but it was really difficult to find new music as if I remember correctly, I didn't even have internet back then so."

Who are your favorrite Hard bass artists?

"Badwor7h, his work is outstanding. Barabass for the agression. Sonic Mine for the musical aspect and flow of the tracks. And Im sure I could think of few more."

What do you think about Hard bass in the Netherlands?

"The scene in NL is building up nicely. I think this first wave of hype went down now and you still see a lot of people on the partys so thats really good sign. The perfect scenario now would be if one of the big festivals gave some time to one or two Hardbass artists in near future, that would promote this music big in NL. I would see Badwor7h there, I think his style can appeal to many different listeners as its powerful and have that modern sound."

Gopnik McBlyat & KrematoV f.t. McGyver - BLASTOFF (TRI poloski Antwerpen Anthem). Click on the image to listen the track.

What is your expectation about the future of Hard bass music?

"Growth. But we need the flow of new content coming. We need content creators, music producers, Djs, podcasters, video editors, party organizers, venues willing to cooperate, vlogers, influencers getting it out to the public and all that hype stuff thats happening around every growing music style in the world."

Are there any upcoming producers we should know about?

"To name few: Ley o'Lantern, Earslav, Demyex, CzechHardbasser, No.Zee. Really promising group of young producers."

Check out Gopnik McBlyat's liveset at TRI poloski Antwerpen below

Author: Engelen, Z

Published: 08/03/2020

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